No Ride is Like a Lowride

- the year was 1980 and in American Choppermagazine the Lowriders started to take over. At first we all thought the new style sucked, but after a while we got used to it, and even thought that "this is the way to build a bike". A springer frontend with bent frontforks was ordered from Calles Chopperdelar and an Arlen Ness fiberglass rearfender was attached. The sporty gastank was already cutdown and the handlebars was made out of hard work and a lot of patience. Finally a multi candy paintjob including a serius goldleafing was done.

Some people claimed that the bike should be impossible to ride, inspite of that it took me on nice roadtrips in Sweden , Denmark, Germany and Holland.

New paintjob, this year the bike was painted with candy rootbeer and goldleafs ( again). Frank Frazetta motiv on the gastank was made by Per Grönlund.

Beertransport at Harley - Davidson Superrally in Denmark.

Yeah, the party was good!! ;))