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Me in july -07
Huggin' my "45



Hard work in the workshop again.....bondo was the way to go these days. The bike got 12 inches + forks. Homemade handlebars ,sissy and a sportytank. Finally Jensen gave the bike a real nice paintjob. The bike got trough several changes during the following years. I started to do the paintjobs myself. And the workshop was updated with a nice paintbox, real dangerous offcourse, with old electrical setups, but it worked well as long as we got it. We picked up influences from american chopper magazines and blended it with swedish craftmanship. A lot of coffee and cigarettes was going down during these days in the workshop.

My first Harley, 1942 45'', as I bought it in 1976.
Filing down lot's of bondo..
THE FLATHEAD 1976-1977
Another Knuckle, this time a -46. The bike got a new paint, lots of flames an original rear fender and another handlebar. I rode it for some months and new changes again, short fender, sporty gastank, apehangers, sissy and... a new paintjob, yellow again, kinda like yellow....

The 45'' was sold in 1977. To make place for THE......

Several pounds of bondo was put on during endless days & nights in the workshop listening to the night radio. Later on it got some paint too, by Ingemar Becker.
THE -47 KNUCKLEHEAD 1977-1992
The ad from Colorod magazine # 8 1977
At BikeShow in Norrtälje
Strippin' it down

1st of August 2005, I WAS BACK ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!

This time an Evo bike, and I must say that I like it very much. The bike was pretty much as I wanted it when I bought it, I did changed the 19'' frontwheel for a 21'' and I got rid of some chromed covers and stuff , another handlebar and I glassbeaded some stuff....The future will tell if there's some more changes coming.

I like flames..

10500 Skr and the Knuckle was mine, the beast was transported from Borlänge down south to Laholm and there it started a new life...


The summer -90 I got hold of a -52 Panhead 74'' real cheap, kept it a few month and then sold it.





















































































The summer of -92 the Knuckle story ended and I bought a brand new Heritage. It sure was soft and nice to ride but somehow I missed my Knuckle. After 6000 km I finally sold the Evo.























I needed a place for the bike, where I could have it warm in the winter and a place to wrench. The old outhouse has a good roof and walls, it just need some isolation, a new concrete floor, a nice door and some new electrics........nothing more than that! So I started the work in august and a month later it was ready, almost ready I mean.




The garage is emtied, just to pick up the 1500 old bricks and roll them out....... ;)
It's READY!!
waiting for the concrete.....
The concrete truck is here and my good friend Svingen helps me out with the floor.
Sanding the plasterboards gives you a nice pale look.